T-Mobile Mobile Broadband Coverage

T-Mobile claim to cover over 80% of the UK with their 3G mobile broadband service, meaning that you have a good chance of strong mobile broadband coverage wherever you are. T-Mobile also have a reputation for reliable connections, although this may not mean they are necessarily the fastest service and speeds do vary depending on where you are. However, they claim that most people in good coverage areas will get speeds of between 1 and 4mbps, which should allow stress-free browsing.

Various factors can affect your mobile broadband coverage and speed – from network congestion at peak times to your proximity to mobile phone masts. Even the weather can be a factor, as can living in a house with thicker walls. This applies to any mobile broadband provider though, and T-Mobile have won several awards for mobile broadband, having been voted best mobile broadband provider by the What Mobile Awards in 2009. Check how good the T-Mobile network coverage is in your area using their coverage checker.

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T-Mobile Mobile Broadband Features

T-Mobile have a strong offering with lots of different deals, including pre-loaded dongles, PAYG, pay monthly and a range of Tablet deals. The range of packages on offer is fairly flexible – for instance you can choose a USB dongle pre-loaded with 3 months access for £39.99. After the 90 day period you simply revert to using it like a PAYG dongle, paying £2 per day or £15 per month with unlimited data allowance. All their deals actually offer unlimited data allowances, but are subject to a fair usage policy of 2GB per month. You won’t be charged for going over this limit, but your access may be restricted or slowed down if you consistently exceed it.

All T-Mobile Mobile Broadband customers on PAYG or pay monthly deals can take advantage of ‘T-Mobile Nights In’, which allow you a movie and game rental, plus various snacks, for £5. And like most of the mobile broadband providers, you can also choose from a range of Tablet deals. For example, T-Mobile offer the iPad 16GB, from £199 and £25 per month on a 24 month contract, with 2GB per month data allowance.

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Some of the advantages of T-Mobile Mobile Broadband include:

  • Unlimited downloads included in all packages, but subject to fair usage policy of 2GB. You won’t get charged for going over this allowance but access might be restricted.
  • T-Mobile Nights In – PAYG or pay monthly mobile broadband customers can get a movie and game rental, plus a selection of snacks, all from Blockbuster Video for £5 between Monday and Thursday.
  • Pre-loaded USB dongles from £39.99 for 3 months unlimited broadband access – subject to a fair usage policy of 2GB.
  • T-Mobile USB dongles feature SD card slots meaning you can use them like a normal USB stick, to transfer files between different locations.

Who are T-Mobile?

T-Mobile are owned by the German telecoms company, Deutsche Telekom. Having joined forces with Orange in 2010 with the aim of increasing coverage through a combined ‘super network’, they are also the only mobile broadband provider not to levy excess usage charges if users exceed their download allowances. T-Mobile are also a strong player in the business market, with many corporate users choosing them for their reliability and strong 3G network coverage.