Virgin Mobile Broadband Coverage

Virgin Mobile Broadband claims that their 3G networks cover 85% of the UK. So you stand a good chance of being able to connect to the internet wherever you are, if you choose a Virgin mobile broadband deal. However, speed and strength of signal will vary depending on where you are, and checking mobile broadband coverage for your locality is just as important as finding the best deal.

Various factors can affect your mobile broadband coverage and speed – from network congestion to your proximity to mobile phone masts. Virgin mobile broadband deals include a 28 day money back guarantee, so you can get a refund if your connection proves to be poor or you aren’t happy with their service. Check how good the Virgin 3G network coverage is in your area using their coverage checker.

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Virgin Mobile Broadband Features

Like all the major network providers, Virgin Mobile offer different mobile broadband deals. Unlike their competitors however, they have a very straightforward approach with just two different packages available as monthly contracts. The deals on offer are for USB dongles only, which come free with 18 month contracts and cost £24.99 for the 2 month contract deals. Download limits for range from 1GB to 3GB per month, with advertised maximum speeds of 7.2mbps.

Virgin Mobile customers can also save 20% on their 18 month mobile broadband contracts. If you are looking for a free laptop or tablet deal, one of the other major providers may be more suitable for you. However, Virgin are refreshingly simple in their approach and have won awards for customer service recently from Which? Magazine. Remember though, however attractive the deal, it will mean nothing if your connection is infuriatingly slow or unreliable – so check coverage first.

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Some of the advantages of Virgin Mobile Broadband include:

  • Save 20% and get 3 months free on Virgin Mobile Broadband contracts if you are an existing Virgin Mobile customer.
  • Straightforward dongle only deals.
  • 28 day return policy.

Who are Virgin Mobile?

Part of Richard Branson’s powerful Virgin Group, the mobile broadband arm of Virgin Mobile launched in 2008. Virgin Mobile are not actually a mobile telecommunications network, as they piggy-back onto the T-Mobile network to provide broadband and mobile telephony services. They have received awards for customer service and despite a limited range of deals and no free laptop offers, are popular for their straightforward approach.