Vodafone Mobile Broadband Coverage

Vodafone offers some of the strongest Mobile Broadband signals, meaning you stand a good chance of being able to connect to the internet wherever you are, if you choose one of its broadband deals. As one of the largest mobile network providers, Vodafone claims that its 3G mobile broadband network coverage spans 80% of the UK. However, speed and strength of signal will vary depending on where you are, and checking mobile broadband coverage for your locality is just as important as finding the best deal.

Various factors can affect your mobile broadband coverage and speed – from network congestion to your proximity to mobile phone masts. It is worth noting that Vodafone claims to offer some of the fastest connection speeds in their 3G signal areas, averaging between 1mpbs and 4mbps at peak times. Speed is no good without network coverage though, so check coverage in your area using the link below.

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Vodafone Mobile Broadband Features

Like all the major network providers, Vodafone offers a range of different mobile broadband deals, including pay as you go (‘PAYG’), monthly contract, and free laptop deals. Discounted mobile broadband is also available on some of their deals for existing Vodafone customers. One of the advantages of Vodafone mobile broadband is that it offers the fastest connection speeds in the UK, with up to 14.4mbps available in airports and some big cities. Remember though, these are theoretical maximum speeds and are not available everywhere – the average speed is likely to be in the 1 to 4mbps range.

For occasional users, Vodafone offers PAYG mobile broadband from £19.99, which buys you a USB dongle bundled with 3GB data allowance. For more regular mobile broadband users, various contracts are available starting at £15.32 for a 30 day rolling contract, free dongle and 3GB data allowance. The Vodafone ‘Ultimate’ package, priced at £25.53 per month includes up to 5GB data allowance, free PC Protection and is available on an 18 month contract. Like most of the mobile broadband providers, you can also choose from a range of laptop and netbook deals, such as the Acer Aspire D260, bundled with 1GB data access at £25.54 per month on a 24 month contract. For up to the minute deals on Vodafone mobile broadband, use the link below.

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Some of the advantages of Vodafone Mobile Broadband include:

  • The Vodafone Sharing Hub which allows up to four separate devices to connect to the internet using the same 3G connection. Ideal for family mobile internet access using several different devices at the same time. Hardware available for £49.
  • Discounted Mobile Broadband packages for existing Vodafone customers.
  • A choice of free laptop deals with some of the 24 month contract plans.
  • PC Protection anti-virus software and backup with some monthly contract plans.

Who are Vodafone?

Vodafone is probably the best known and oldest name in the mobile telecommunications industry. Grown out of the Racal Electronics Group in the early 80′s, the very first mobile phone call was made by Vodafone in 1985. Vodafone demerged from Racal in 1991 and became a public company listed on the London and New York stock exchanges that same year. They have innovated in many areas we take for granted, being first to launch pre-pay mobile phone plans and the first to launch mobile broadband to business customers in 2004. Today, Vodafone is the only British owned mobile network and the world’s largest mobile network company by turnover.