Student mobile broadband deals

One of the less publicised advantages about mobile broadband, is that it can be a great solution for students who are away from home, and need broadband internet access whilst in digs, or halls of residence.

Some university internet services can be expensive, unreliable, or even unavailable altogether. If you don’t want to have to haul yourself to the uni library to get online, think about getting a mobile broadband contract or PAYG dongle. Some deals, particularly at the cheaper end of the market, can really suit students, who don’t want the commitment of a full contract, and are often on the move so would benefit from internet access anywhere, anytime.

Provider Contract Download Allowance Deal Details Monthly Cost More Info
24 months 15GB
Mobile broadband from the UK’s biggest 3G network including 97% national coverage. £15.99 Buy Now
30 days 1GB
Free WiFi through BT Openzone, £5 monthly discount for Orange customers. £15.00 Buy Now
Unlimited free WiFi included with data packages. £10.21 per 30 days/ 1GB access. PAYG Buy Now
30 days 0.5GB
0.5GB Data allowance included with dongle. Up to 1GB WiFi included with BT Openzone. £7.50 Buy Now
18 months 1GB
USB dongle includes 8GB micro SD card slot to store photos and files. £10.00 Buy Now

Student PAYG broadband

One of the best deals if you are a student, and hate the thought of a lengthy, expensive contract, is to go for a PAYG deal. With rolling 30-day contracts, you can opt out when you need to reign in the spending, or if you’re not using it that much. Vodafone currently offer a cheap mobile broadband deal, which could suit students on a budget. From £7.50 per month on a rolling 30-day contract, you can get 500MB per month data allowance, and 1GB free Wi-Fi with BT Openzone. It’s important to first check Vodafone mobile broadband coverage at your uni, if you are thinking of going for a Vodafone deal.

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Free student laptop deals

If you’re a student, another reason to consider buying mobile broadband is the many free laptop deals on offer from the major network providers. You’re likely to need a laptop for your studies, so it makes sense to get a mobile broadband deal which includes a free laptop. Okay, the laptop is not strictly free, as you’ll be paying it off as part of your monthly contract tariff, but you’ll normally be able to get a high spec machine and usually won’t be paying more than if you bought a machine outright, at a high street store. The other key advantage of a free laptop broadband deal, is that it enables you to spread the cost of the machine into manageable chunks as part of a monthly payment along with your broadband.

So if you’re a student after a free laptop, you may want to consider 3 Mobile broadband. 3 Mobile claims to have the widest 3G network coverage in the UK. Amongst 3 Mobile’s current mobile broadband deals, is a free Samsung RV510 laptop, for £36.42 per month on a 24-month contract. The 3 Mobile free laptop deal includes a pretty generous 15GB monthly data allowance, and the Samsung is a high spec machine with 3GB RAM and a massive 500GB hard drive, giving you ample storage space for films and music.

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Cheap student mobile broadband

Is cheap always best? Not necessarily, you need to think about how much you’re going to use a mobile internet service, as they nearly all come with download limits (otherwise called data allowances). So whilst a PAYG deal might seem good value, many come with 500MB per month, which is not really going to be suitable for streaming a lot of video or downloading MP3s in any quantity. Going over your monthly data allowance limit can often carry a penalty, so if you’re a heavier user, you might be better off going for a mobile broadband deal which has a higher monthly allowance. By the same token, if you’re just online now and again checking emails and facebook, you might get away with a cheap broadband deal.

Always check mobile broadband coverage first

This is probably the most important piece of advice. Mobile broadband coverage and speed varies by location, so before buying a dongle or getting yourself tied into a contract, use our mobile broadband coverage checker to make sure the provider you are planning to go with, offers a good quality 3G signal in your postcode. Remember to check coverage at your university halls of residence postcode, if this is where you’ll be accessing mobile internet most often.