Cheaper overseas roaming for Vodafone customers

Posted on June 03, 2011 by Broadband Man

Accessing mobile internet services whilst overseas, on either a mobile phone or laptop, has traditionally been a very expensive affair, given punitive international roaming charges. However, Vodafone’s latest announcement means that both business and recreational users, who wish to keep in touch with emails, Facebook and their favourite websites, should find it more affordable. The UK-based mobile network operator has announced a five-fold increase in overseas data allowances. Vodafone international roaming

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With Vodafone Data Traveller, users can get 25MB of data allowance per day, in more than 35 countries across Europe. 25MB per day is sufficient, Vodafone says, to access scores of websites, read and reply to emails and use the internet to search out local attractions and restaurants. To benefit from the increased data allowances, regular users on Vodafone monthly contracts can opt to pay £10 per month. Business and private customers wishing to take a laptop overseas can use up to 100MB of data for just £8 per day.

In a sensible move, Vodafone has also placed a cap of £100 on international roaming charges for those travelling outside Europe, in a bid to ensure customers don’t run up unmanageable bills. Similar caps are already in place for customers using international roaming in Europe.